The Executive Spiritual Development (ESD) Community

4C Business Webinars

ESD Webinars

This is the first level of involvement in the ESD Community. Each webinar is designed to address practical leadership issues from a biblical worldview. Because prayer is a high value in the ESD community each webinar will have a prayer based component designed to engage Jesus and bring clarity to each issue. In the ESD webinars you will learn strategies for spiritual leadership that inform your leadership growth.

ESD Cohorts

Cohorts are the second level of involvement in the ESD Community. A new cohort starts every quarter. In each cohort we will demonstrate and practice prayer based tools for discerning God’s leading. Cohorts are designed to be experiential, interactive and transformational. They are meant to answer the question, “How does God lead the leader?” In the ESD Cohorts you will experience
Jesus in ways that accelerate your leadership growth. 

Executive Spiritual Development Cohorts
4C Business Coaching

ESD Coaching

Executive Coaching is the deepest level of the ESD Community. As Jesus brings up issues that block growth the question is always asked, “How do I navigate
this challenge?” This is where executive coaching comes in. The coach will guide you through prayer based tools that bring clarity to complex issues and
unlocks leadership capacity. In ESD Coaching, Jesus will transform you into a new kind of leader altogether.

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