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Chuck Whitley

What is Executive Spiritual Development?

Executive Spiritual Development is the merging of two disciplines: executive coaching and spiritual direction. The coach is ultimately a facilitator that guides you into deeper encounters with God through prayer. When this happens, you receive personal renewal, strength and a new perspective. In Executive Spiritual Development, ultimately innovation is driven by insight from God.

What is Executive Spiritual Development
Executive Spiritual Development Coaching

Why Executive Spiritual Development?​

Executive Spiritual Development is a response to a growing need among professionals to live an emotionally healthy, balanced, and authentic life. Modern society has often told us to “fake it until you make it.”  For many of us we have found that this only leads to imposter syndrome: the belief that you are inadequate and incompetent despite evidence that demonstrates otherwise. At 4C Business we believe that emotionally healthy leaders make better decisions, have more insight, and burn out less frequently. It also makes the task of growing your organization much more enjoyable. 

What is Executive Spiritual Development like?

In the Christian faith, spiritual directors have guided people through the process of discerning God’s leading for two thousands years.  It all starts with clarifying the questions you have for God.  These questions can be personal, relational or focused on how to engage difficult situations.  The coach will ask you questions that are meant to help you reflect and then guide you through prayers that are meant to help you gain clarity with God’s leading.  Many people report feeling peace, joy and empowerment as they engage God with their questions.  The goal of the process is a transformed mind that reveals new possibilities for action.

Executive Spiritual Development
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