THE 4 Cs

Our Mission is to equip professionals to achieve their calling.
We accomplish this by focusing on the 4 C's.

Character Formation


Corporate Transformation

Cultural Engagement

Coaching for Character Formation

Coaching for Character-Based Leadership

Character is the foundation on which the rest of your leadership is built. It is your code of ethics that holds you to your word and creates consistency in life. It influences every decision you make. It is where inner strength and perseverance come from. It keeps you from compromising your values. It sets you apart from others. It is why people respect you. To ignore character is to undermine your ability to influence. People follow leaders they admire and want to emulate. Are you ready to grow your character-based leadership?

Coaching to Clarify Calling

Calling is the recognition that God has a unique job for you to do. It speaks to your identity and reveals a vision for your life. It says that you have been gifted for a task. It shows you a better future that is not easily ignored. It gives purpose to your work and fuels your drive to achieve. Calling will stretch you to go beyond what you think is possible. We all have a calling, but when professionals know their calling, they create mission driven organizations to achieve it. Are you ready to discover your calling?

Coaching to Clarify Calling
Coaching for Corporate Transformation

Coaching for Corporate Transformation

Transformational leaders grow organizations. As you grow your character-based leadership you will influence, inspire, and motivate others. You will empower your teams to discover creative solutions for complex problems. You will tap into their intrinsic motivators to build something bigger than any one person can imagine. You will grow people, who will grow teams, who will grow organizations that influence culture. Are you ready to become a transformational leader?

Coaching for Cultural Influence

Truly successful organizations influence culture by adding value. Transformational leaders are intentional about this influence and leverage their organizations to meet global demands in ways that address social needs. The goal of cultural influence is to improve the lives of people all around the world in a profitable ways. Profitability creates sustainable impact.
Are you ready to influence culture?

Coaching for Corporate Transformation
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