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Christian Spiritual Direction For Executives

Our Philosophy is Simple

Success is aligning our goals with God’s goals and achieving them.

Christian Business Coaching

As a Christian Success Coach, Chuck Whitley teaches business leaders how to bring their career and their calling into alignment through guided prayer and spiritual direction.
He is passionate about helping professionals stay rooted in reality and connected to Jesus, so they can find true success in all areas of their lives.

4C Business Executive Christian Business Coaching

Helping Christian Business Leaders:​

Discern God’s Leading
Enhance Intimacy with God
Expand Authority and Influence in Your Industry
Gain Greater Peace of Mind
Create Transformational Leadership
Increase Clarity in Your Career Path

Integrating Calling and Career​

The best executives and entrepreneurs seek Christian Success Coaches to maximize their business potential. But for the Christian leader, contemporary business coaching leaves their faith untouched and unchanged.

The traditional success coach or life coach cannot help the Christian professional answer questions such as:
“How do I hear from God?”
“What is God doing in my life?”
“What is God doing in my business?”
“Does God care what I do in my professional life?”

In Christ-centered coaching, the integration of career and spiritual calling through prayer is essential for leaders to excel in all areas of their life. Innovation is driven by insight from God.

Are You Ready to Bring Your Calling and Your Career into Alignment?

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What is Executive Spiritual Development?

Executive Spiritual Development is the merging of two disciplines: executive coaching and spiritual direction. As a Christian Success Coach for professionals, Chuck Whitley is ultimately a facilitator guiding leaders into deeper encounters with God through prayer.

In Executive Spiritual Development, innovation is driven by insight from God. God has all the wisdom! Chuck helps Christian business leaders learn: to pray specifically, to listen intently, to lead intentionally.

Christian Executives Struggle with Faith, Too

Christian business coaching that focuses on Jesus helps Christian professionals find freedom from:
People-pleasing, Fear, Doubt, Loneliness, Confusion, Impostor Syndrome, Negative voices from the past.

Coaching Success Stories

Chao You

"Chuck has been a tremendous help in my journey of learning to be a Christ-centered entrepreneur. He helped me walk deeper into my calling and accept higher and truer identity in Christ.  I highly recommend working with him."

Chao You

Codetic Entrepreneur, career identity coach for young professionals

"I have been working with Chuck Whitley as an executive coach for the last three years. I have been able to address both personal and professional issues. This has allowed me to have great success in both those areas. If you are ready to move forward in your life, I really recommend you working with Chuck."

Dr. Eric Hazzard

Senior Director - Community Care Hub

Asha Jones

"Chuck has provided me an opportunity and space to tap into my full potential in God, even in the workplace. He has helped me to push beyond me, accept the call on my life, and to walk into it. I highly recommend Chuck Whitley for Christian coaching because he has shifted my entire life around."

Asha Jones

Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs

Leaders Rooted in Christ Are Unstoppable

Chuck teaches Christian professionals how to integrate their faith into all their spheres of influence. When you know God and know what He wants for you, you become unstoppable.

What’s stopping you?

Steps to Your Success

Are you ready to bring your calling and your career into alignment?

Are you ready to pursue Christ-centered success in your faith and in the workplace, confident that you are grounded in God’s will?

What Does it Mean to Be Successful as a Christian Business Executive?

Success is more than simply accomplishing goals that you (or others) create for your life. At its core, success is an identity issue.

For those who follow Jesus, a new identity is the first step towards success. When our lives and minds are transformed in Jesus, our definition of success is transformed, too.

Success is aligning my goals with God’s goals and accomplishing them.” – Chuck Whitley

Coaching with the 4 Cs

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