Executive Spiritual Development

Spiritual Direction for Executives

Core Values

1) I believe there is a God.

This reality opens up a whole new world of exciting possibilities, but only if we learn how to practically discern, accept, and follow God’s leading.

2) I believe you can discern God’s leading with a little help.

God doesn’t hold back; we do. Intimacy, peace, and clarity become our reality when we are able to move past our blocks in our relationship with God.

3) I believe God transforms individuals, relationships, organizations, and culture through people who follow.

Transformation starts with us but doesn’t end there. It extends through us to our
organizations and then through our organizations to our industry and culture.

4) I believe that you can flourish spiritually, emotionally and financially.

Any time we takes steps to grow, money follows. The key is to take the focus off money and put it on growth.

5) I believe gratitude shapes our view of everything.

By staying in the place of gratitude we stay creative and productive. Gratitude is the foundation for enjoying our families, careers, and life.

6) I believe freedom is the experience of walking in our calling.

God’s goal for our emotional life is the fruit of the spirit (love, joy, peace…) not dread. The experience of dread reveals our need for God’s guidance and empowerment.

7) I believe you have permission to be your unique self.

Discovering our uniqueness is the first step to making our unique contribution to the world.

8) I believe we are called to influence through our industry.

God has placed us in positions of authority for a purpose. Knowing the purpose clarifies our partnership with God.

9) I believe challenges are an opportunity to demonstrate our greatness.

God has made us to shine in this world. When we view challenges as opportunities to demonstrate greatness they become the foundation for our growth and advancement.

10) I believe character and integrity matters.

We don’t do the right thing in order to earn God’s blessing. We already have that. We do the right thing to demonstrate the heart of God to the world.

THE 4 Cs

Coaching For Character Formation

Character is the foundation on which the rest of leadership is built.

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Coaching For Clarifying Calling

When professionals know their calling, they create mission driven organizations to
achieve it.

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Coaching For Corporate Transformation

When you grow your leadership, you grow your organization.

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Coaching For Cultural Influence

Truly successful corporations influence culture.  Transformational leaders are intentional about this influence.

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