Executive Spiritual Development

Spiritual Direction for Executives

We Believe...

Jesus calls and empowers corporate leaders to help their cities flourish.
In business there is all too often a pull in two directions. On the one side is the honest need for profitable and sustainable businesses. On the other side is the need for Kingdom impact that brings real solutions to pressing issues.
At 4C Business we help you achieve both.

THE 4 Cs

Coaching For Character Formation

Character is the foundation on which the rest of leadership is built.

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Coaching For Clarifying Calling

When professionals know their calling, they create mission driven organizations to
achieve it.

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Coaching For Corporate Transformation

When you grow your leadership, you grow your organization.

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Coaching For Cultural Influence

Truly successful corporations influence culture.  Transformational leaders are intentional about this influence.

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"During a difficult career and life transition Chuck coached me through adapting to my changing circumstances. Not only did I grow in my leadership within my organization, I began to understand what career fits me best based on my strengths."
Matthew Rogers
Campus Manager, InterVarsity USA
"Chuck has been instrumental in my life both personally and professionally. From helping me heal from childhood wounds, to making critical decisions in business, Chuck's ability to identify the core issue(s), and more importantly, resolve them, has allowed me to lead the life I wanted." 
"Chuck has been a tremendous help in my journey of learning to be a Christ-centered entrepreneur. He helped me walk deeper into my calling and accept higher and truer identity in Christ. We dealt with the struggles I had, as a starting entrepreneur, to unlearn past mental models that no longer worked for the impact I want. Chuck and I only met for a few sessions, but every one of them was critical, triggering either a fundamental change in my leadership or a breakthrough to new company directions. He is so generous with his time in between sessions, and always has an eye to spot and coach for my growth. I highly recommend working with him."
Chaoxiong You
Entrepreneur, Career Identity Coach for Young Professionals


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